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Would you allow your company to install camera's in your home to monitor your work performance?

  • Yes, I would allow the company to install camera’s in my private residence ie. office location.
  • No, I don’t think it appropriate for privacy concerns.
  • Maybe, depends on the details, ie only while I work, etc.

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I found an article about one of the largest call centers forcing their workers to install video cameras to monitor their work performance.

Here is a small section from the long article:

Colombia-based call center workers who provide outsourced customer service to some of the nation’s largest companies are being pressured to sign a contract that lets their employer install cameras in their homes to monitor work performance, an NBC News investigation has found.

Six workers based in Colombia for Teleperformance, one of the world’s largest call center companies, which counts Apple, Amazon and Uber among its clients, said that they are concerned about the new contract, first issued in March. The contract allows monitoring by AI-powered cameras in workers’ homes, voice analytics and storage of data collected from the worker’s family members, including minors. Teleperformance employs more than 380,000 workers globally, including 39,000 workers in Colombia.

“The contract allows constant monitoring of what we are doing, but also our family,” said a Bogota-based worker on the Apple account who was not authorized to speak to the news media. “I think it’s really bad. We don’t work in an office. I work in my bedroom. I don’t want to have a camera in my bedroom.”

Article: Big Tech call center workers face pressure to accept home surveillance

Let me know below how you feel about this?

I am not at all surprised that such a concept is even being discussed in this capitalistic world but it is still so spine-chillingly nightmarish!