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Who here has worked for Amazon?

I saw a post here for a work from home job with Amazon and I wanted to know if anyone here is or has worked with them? Is it a good company to work for and what is management like? I would like to know what you think.


I’ve worked with amazon and I just can’t recommend it. It’s good money but just not a good work enviroment…

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If you have any questions just ask, someone will be happy to help you.

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@HomeOfficeQueen Can you explain a little more in detail? What kind of work did you do for them remotely? Was it poor management or the amount of pressure they put on you? Just curious…

I remember working remotely for a call center and they listened to all your calls and timed you to the second. If you were spending too much time on the phone they would tell you to end the call even if you didn’t resolve the issue with the customer. Needless to say, I didn’t last long there because I was more concerned about resolving the customers issue.

I only worked in a non-amazon warehouse. My work experience was good but the only thing which frustrate me was very cognizant about overheating danger during summer.