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What specific things do you like and don't like about working from home?

I’ll start, but I guess it depends on the type of job that you have or the company you work for. Here’s mine.


  1. Not having to drive into work every day and/or dealing with traffic!
  2. Extra sleep from having not to drive into work.
  3. Sence of self-responsibility for your work, no manager looking over my shoulder.
  4. Flexible working hours.
  5. Grab snacks and eat anywhere I want.
  6. Not having to professionally dress up each day, ironing clothes.


  1. Sence of community with coworkers (but that is why I’m here. :slight_smile: )
  2. Lack of benefits, ie. contracting, independent employee, etc.
  3. Never get a raise.
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I like that I can spend that extra 1 hour of time that I would be spending in traffic with my family if I were going in the office. :family_man_woman_girl_boy:

I hate that my boss is constantly nagging me and criticizing my work via text message. It just feels worse when it’s not face to face…

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i love that i get to take naps through the working hours- mostly shortones. I like that i get to design my work space in a way that inspires me. I also like not having my manager’s eyes on my all the time. I enjoy this so much so that i have been learning Spanish on the side.

What i dont like about it are the lack of inspiration and sometimes lack of clarity in instruction and the gap between wanting a quick clarification and it actually happening

I like Flexible working hours to enjoy other fun work

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I completely agree with you. BTW, welcome to the WFH Forums! :smile:

Much more time with my family, my wife also works from home as well so we see each other all day long.

The biggest con was isolation…unless you hate your co workers.

What I love about working from home is that:

  1. Eat anytime you want
  2. Doesn’t have to take a time to prepare for work.
  3. You don’t have to deal with your plastic and crab mentality co-workers

I don’t like about working from home, is that. You can’t say that it is a stable job.

Well, this video I have downloaded is also relatable. It is about the benefits of working at home The 6 Amazing Benefits of Working From Home - YouTube