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The Do's of Remote Communication

1. Create Consistent Communication

Consistency is considered the key to effective communication, especially among remote workers. In traditional offices, employees are updated about everything in their surroundings. Even small chats among co-workers that most of us consider irrelevant play a good role in building relations, trust, and ownership for the organization. Discussing their normal life problems also releases their stress and helps them work efficiently.

In the remote working model, this communication is the most affected area. However, creating consistent communication by arranging virtual meetings, breaks, and discussion hours can be effective here.

2. Make Right Choice Of Communication Channel

Another important Do for remote team communication is making the right choice of a communication channel. The channel must be user-friendly with good functionalities. However, you can’t use the same channel for all sorts of communications. For meetings, apps like Zoom, Skype, and Google Meets, etc., are great. For spreading any official message, Emails are considered appropriate. So, the identification of the right channel for a specific form of communication is crucial.

3. Define Communication Expectations And Policies

You must define what exactly you expect from your employees in remote communication by structuring specific policies. Here, you must include everything, even the choice of a communication channel as discussed above.