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Remote Support Specialist - Streak - FT

Streak is looking for a creative and empathetic person to join our Support team. It’s our team’s goal to delight, educate, and help our users utilize Streak to its full potential.

‍You will become a product expert in Streak and the ultimate source-of-truth for our users. You will help us answer questions, troubleshoot issues, and engage with our users via chat. Beyond chatting, you will also have time to learn and pursue projects that improve the customer experience in meaningful ways – i.e. learning SQL, creating documentation, testing new features, etc.

After you finish onboarding, you’ll join our team in answering upwards of 80 chats a day, diagnosing complex issues, and creating solutions.

What you’ll achieve:

  • Become an expert at using Streak and understand common workflows for CRMs
  • Delight our users in every step of their journey with support
  • Liaison and work cross-functionally with the Product, Sales, and Success teams by being the advocate for our customers
  • Analyze our interactions with customers to help us become more efficient and delightful

About you:

  • Genuine passion for making people feel understood and helping them move forward
  • Strong, confident, and clear writing.
  • Ability to work on our 7AM-4PM PST shift
  • Enjoy troubleshooting, learning, and diving deep on new topics
  • Interest in support and the customer experience. This position is a perfect way to craft and hone your skills in delighting customers. You want to grow in this dimension and become an expert in helping users achieve their goals
  • Have empathy for everyone. You will need to empathize with users who might have less tech experience as well as empathize with the engineering team who may not have enough information to solve a problem.
  • Strong work ethic and an incredible attention to detail
  • Have experience in a customer-facing role
  • Worked technical support for online software

It’d be nice if you have:

  • Experience and proficiency with Streak, G Suite, Intercom, Zendesk, Front, GitHub, Zapier, or APIs more generally

Apply Here:

I’ve been working with Streak and all of me colleagues are located around the world. Most of them belongs to USA and Brazil. and one from Bangladesh. I never work with so many people at the same time.All discussion will be managed online