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Member ranks with forum post

What about increasing the Member ranks with posting ?
1-10 posts = Newbie
50 - 100 = Member
100-200 = Full Member
500 = Legendary
ans so on ?

Nice suggest, but i think it has some pros and cons. For example people may spam in the forum to get highest rank

Hmmm, then there should be a post limit like you can make a new posts/topic after every 3 o 5 mints

This idea seems look great, waiting for the admin reply

Hi everyone, this forum uses Discourse which is almost completely different than your regular/normal or old-school known forums. Discourse rewards you for involvement and engagement in the forum not just based on the number of posts but also “read time”, giving and receiving likes, helping other people by replying back to comments, etc.

You can read more about it here in this post I made, it’s an amazing concept: