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How to Better Multidisciplinary Collaboration

Multidisciplinary collaboration refers to the act of having multiple professionals of different professions working together. This has become an increasingly popular concept in today’s business world, and also a very profitable one. However, there’s still some unfamiliarity with it – which we’re here to clear today, as we go over what multidisciplinary collaboration is.

In the business world, a great example of this is marketing agents working with sales agents to craft a business strategy. Though they work in the same field of business, they’re from completely different aspects of it. However, due to the combination of skill-sets, a much more efficient strategy is born.

Multi-disciplinary collaboration has many good benefits. There are also ways to improve existing collaboration and we’ll go over all of them today.

Team-work seminars

Teamwork seminars held every week or month can improve collaboration greatly. These seminars would focus on teamwork, how to improve it, how to apply different skillsets to the same plan, and how to achieve synchronization as a team. It can be hard working with people from a completely different field, and effective leadership and teamwork is paramount to something like this succeeding or working. These can be an hour long, and you can have the team note down, discuss, and reflect on what goes on in the seminar. Given how the pandemic has led us to an online world, some of the team may be in different time zones. The seminars could focus on that, as well. They could also include challenges or weekly tasks centered on improving collaboration.

Better communication

Communication is vital to any kind of team, especially one where the people are from different aspects of a profession. Sometimes, it may even be an entirely different profession. Emphasizing communication will be critical to improving multi-disciplinary collaboration. You can ask employees to tell each other about what they do best, discuss how they may work together, establish clear limits and manage expectations, and how they can alter their working process to suit the team.