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Does anyone here find FB jobs post not useful

I am a member of many Facebook online job groups. I have found that most of their posts allow members to start a post and then in the post say they have a job opp but then they add to the post “Ask me how” or “inbox me”, “PM me”, “Friend me” or many of these sayings without telling the details of the job in the post at all. I am so tired of these types of posts. I do not have time to PM someone. I just want to know what are the job details upfront without having to ask. I believe these types of posts are scams but do not know how to find real online jobs. I have searched FB, You Tube videos and many forums but have not found any real jobs as of yet. Can anyone here help?

I completely agree with you on this. This is why I list out all the job details on every new work from home job posting in the work from home jobs category.

No scams here! :smile: