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Anyone here feeling left out due to WFH?

A year ago when remote work became the norm, I realized that I was no longer having casual interactions with friends at work. Relying on Slack for casual chats just didn’t feel the same and scheduling Zoom calls just to catch up with a colleague felt inappropriate.

So I actually ended up quitting my job because I felt so isolated because doing the work wasn’t fun enough if I couldn’t have meaningful interaction with my colleagues.

Since wfh created such an isolating barrier for me, I decided to see if I could build a tool to help remove that barrier. I came up with this concept of the virtual personal office. It’s like a personal Zoom meeting but looks and feels like an office which you can also decorate with pictures/gifs to showcase your creativity.

I wanted remote workers to be able to say impromptu “Hey, I’ll be in my office for the next couple hours” and your colleagues will be able to come in to say hi, do work together, almost like going to you in a real office.

What do you guys think of this idea? Would it help reduce some of the isolation from working remotely? Would love to listen to any suggestions.



By the way, you can check out this idea I’m working on by googling “convync” since I’m not allowed to post links yet.

I completely understand the feelings of isolation and I am so absolutely impressed that you actually went ahead and made something for that. This tool sounds absolutely fantastic and i will definitely check it out. A very much low tech alternative i have worked out with my friends esp because of zoom calls for catching up feeling rather silly are group calls to discuss a common book we all are reading. For eg right now we are reading this FANTASTIC sci fi book by one of the first female black author Octavia Butler called Parable of the Sower and the catching up and conversation becomes so much more organic and authentic when we are genuinely interested in the things we are talking about.

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I’m feeling somehow left out but it’s not serious much. It’s because a gap in our virtual communication. I’m figuring the way to fix this.