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Full Version: Introducing Myself & My Business Opportunity To Work From Home
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Hello All, My name is Jennacova.  Heart

I am a college student, Pyschology major, Pre-K teacher, dancer, & business owner in the Beauty Industry. I do it all it feels like. 

My business has been a life-changing opportunity & I am here to share this opportunity with you all. 

I was looking for a new chapter in my life, because 4 months ago I felt like I was stuck in the corporate world of America. I would see these successful people who were living & getting the most out of life, & was wondering to myself "how do I get that/there?".

I come from a poor family. My mom was a single-mother of 5 children. My parent did not go to college & have been working all of their lives. 

I am the only one in my family that is in College. 

One day I was looking into how to make more money, how to do stocks, anything that could get me traveling the world & make me more money than my small $14/HR job.

My husband's friend Courtney reached out to me with this opportunity that I am sharing with you today. 

I own my own business in the beauty industry, I share products that I am in love with, make new friends, work alongside millions of women across the globe, & travel the world. This business has been so good to me & has helped me pay off my credit card debt & see my husband in our long-distance marriage.

 He's Canadian & I am American. I am actually typing all of this from Canada right now during this COVID-19 pandemic which this business has been helping me with as well by bringing me income while I am laid off as a Pre-K teacher. 

You will be able to create your own Schedule, Hours, & Pay. The commissions & Bonuses are uncapped. There are no quotas, deadlines, or annual/monthly fees like some scam businesses time to pull on you. 

You can get a hold of me through my Instagram: @jennacova & we can talk further upon the details about the business & getting you started.