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Full Version: Blogger with Experience with Family / Pet / Home Care Topics – SEM
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Hello! We're looking for a writer with a background writing on topics related to:
  • Family living
  • Pets
  • Babies / newborns / kids
  • Beauty / style
  • Home maintenance

We are an SEO / PPC consulting shop that also owns/operates several publishing sites. We create content frequently for our own sites as well as client sites. We'd like to start with a single (paid) project and then may have more opportunities in future if there's a fit.

We have specific formatting requirements for posts, and primarily need help with longer-form list style posts (typically featuring ~50 items - tools, blogs, tips, etc. - with a brief description and some information like features and pricing, examples of great posts, etc. for each) and shorter form (typically ~750 word) posts that give a glossary-style overview of a topic (describing what the topic is, common challenges, benefits, answering a few frequently asked questions, etc.) or walk through a 5-10 step process for completing a task / improving a system. We don't have specific word count requirements but longer-form posts typically run ~2500 words and shorter form ~750 words, and we pay $400 per asset for longer form posts and $75 per asset for shorter form posts.

A willingness to do some simple Email outreach (Emailing sources featured in posts to let them know they've been featured) is also required.

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