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Work at Home Medical Coding and Billing Training with Career Step!

Looking for a work at home job that’s in demand, one you can train online for in less than one year? Then now’s the time!
Right now, there’s a nationwide shortage of medical coders, and medical coding and billing from home is an excellent long-term career choice!

If you’ve been looking for a work at home job in the healthcare field, which pays well, you should definitely consider training to be a medical coder and biller with Career Step!
From the company:

Quote:“There’s a nationwide shortage of qualified professionals, and you can be trained and certification and career ready in a year or less.”

I attended CareerStep years ago for medical transcription, when I was seeking a work at home career, and I was so impressed with the program and materials. The people there were kind and helpful and went out of their way to help me numerous times.

So why consider training for a work-at-home medical coding and billing career with Career Step? Here are four excellent reasons (from the company):
  • There’s currently a nationwide shortage of professional coders.

  • Our course is one of the only AHIMA-approved online coding certificate programs.

  • We’ve updated our program to include advanced ICD-10-PCS training that gives grads a leg up in the job market.

  • Students can be career and certification ready in a year or less!
Career Step is always offering special discounts – often including a FREE Laptop and/or tuition discount!

If you’d like to learn more about the Career Step Medical Coding and Billing program or any of their other online training programs – don’t wait!

Click Here to Visit Career Step Now!

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