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Work at Home Image Review Jobs with Vecteezy

Vecteezy is hiring work at home image review specialists in the U.S. These are independent contractor positions.
From the company:
“We are hiring Image and Content Reviewers to evaluate vector and illustration content for their overall quality, technical execution, commercial suitability, and adherence to our image acceptance standards. This is a freelance work-from-home position using the reviewer’s own equipment and based around the reviewers’ available schedule.”
Qualifications (from work-at-home job listing):
  • Domain expertise and passionate enthusiasm for creative design with 1+ years of professional illustration/vector experience preferably as a graphic designer, stock agency contributor, freelancer or art buyer.

  • Comfortable and enthusiastic about making many detailed judgments repetitively.

  • High-speed wired broadband Internet access [at least 25mbs download speed]; to test: [], own a PC or Mac and own a sufficient and accurate color display for viewing large images.

  • Adept at vector editing, image resolution, and metadata evaluation, along with a basic foundation in best practices for graphic design as well as post-production processes.

  • Understanding of evolving graphic design industry trends, styles, and why illustrations and vectors have commercial value.

  • Highly organized, analytical and extremely detail-oriented.

  • Strong command of English

  • Software: Knowledge of Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Google Docs, and Microsoft Office Suite.

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