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What size is your TV?

So what size is the TV in your living room?  The one i have got here is 48 inch. Tongue

Currently a 32", but you better believe that when that goes out, I'll be getting a bigger one! Probably 50 something.

A 60" which seems a bit extravagant but we found it for a really great price, less than $300 and it was the family Christmas present last year.

gooood and interesting

The trend for TV is also to an end. LCDs are in full swing

I thought those 4K ones were the latest thing now.

48 inch, and actually I have two of those. Zodiac signs, like mine love to watch TV shows, as I've read in astrology related articles. Here is what I can recommend is trustworthy astrology site where articles are written by professional astrologers, where you can find plenty if useful advises how to react on certain situation of your life.

I have 32" at home, probably this year I will get a 50" TV online after this Quarantine. 

What I have right now is Devant it's been 2 years since I bought it and still running without any issues.

Should I stick with this brand or try others?

I've been seeing this brand it is fairly cheap $507.00 only.

Does anyone try this brand?

Please give me feedback.

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