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What is the best calling software for cld calling from an international location

Hi.  Nice to meet you all.
I am currently located in Vietnam and are an Australian citizen.
I seem to be spending a lot and I mean a lot of time trying to find the correct calling software to use for my small telemarketing business.
I have narrowed it down to a couple of copanies but still unsure which way to go yet before I seek out some more options that could be available to me.
I was wondering if anyone could suggest a company that would be suitable for my needs which are as follows.
1. I am an Australian registered business and need the caller ID at the recievers end to show an Australian mobile number
2. I need the call reciever to be able to call back the number displayed as caller ID if they miss the call.
3. I need the also to be able to expand in the future and have other people call from the same number if possible with an option to divert inbound calls when needed
4. I need the company to have a better customer sevice than didww provided as it was disgusting and so was the actual software, especially considering the prices I was paying. Constant issues and always a lot of time resolving each issue, so much time wasted with that company.
5. also if possible the caller ID needs to show no +61 prefix so it looks like the call is being made from an Australian mobile number...people in Australia are savvy to call centres and in general wont answer a landline number they do not recognize.

I have tried using call hippo but found it to be very very expensive and I can not use google voice because it is not available in Australia or Vietnam.
I am currently using skype but again it is very limited in its functionality and I have to purchase a seperate number to send to people to be able to call me back.
The Australian telco, telstra, that I was registered with is outrageous as far as pricing goes and had to discontinue the contract I had with them.
I honestly thought it would be an easy assignment to find a good compnay to use but so far it has been a nightmare and very confusing as to what services the companies actually provide until you finally get a response from support.
Surely there are people out there in my sitaution who have worked out the best way to go about this. Any help would be very appreciated.
hope you are well and living in Vietnam is times very challenging but very very amazing and the food is just to die for...thanks in advance for any help that anyone can provide.
Also if you have any questions about living in Vietnam as an expat feel free to ask whatever you like.
Have a great day. Smile Smile Smile Smile Big Grin

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