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Thread Contributor: MarkWelcome!
Welcome to the Work Remotely From Home forums.

A little about myself and why I decided to create this forum.  My name is Mark and I started playing around with computers in 1981 on my Commodore 64. Since then I've had several System Engineering positions building at designing computer systems for school boards and large private companies.  While working at my full-time job I needed a second job and the ability to work from home while starting a family.  I would visit the famous and now defunct forum where work from home jobs were posted daily, it was a great and active resource.  There was a sense of community there where people would talk and give advice about certain positions and companies.  I've always wanted to start a friendly and helpful similar to community as to help people find a job they can work from home and share their experiences.  So now I'm doing it!

Please join the forum and help other people find their ideal work from home job.

Keep in mind all my posts that I only share opportunities I feel will benefit my readers.

Register here and become a member today.


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