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USA, Women 35-60 y.o., iPhone owners, mobile geme remote playtest

Hello from SenseVision.
We are glad to invite you to participate in the new playtest of a mobile game (Mach 3 games).
The reward is 50$.
Direct payments via PayPal or Visa / Mastercard 

We need only 10 participants. 
- female, 35-60 y.o., 
- USA location
- mobile game players (Mach 3 games). 
- iPhone 6 or newer users (NO ANDROID PHONES)

If you meet these conditions, please fills in the registration form as soon as possible:

If the game is relevant to your gaming interests according to the registration form, we'll contact you back here to schedule the time for your participation and answer all your questions.

How the playtest goes:
1. We provide a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) template to sign, you make a photo/scan and send it to us.
2. We arrange a convenient day and time
3. You install Skype and AirServer software (both are free)
4. We call you via Skype and give you a closed link to install the game.
5. You play the game for 60 minutes, mirroring your smartphone screen via AirServer and showing to us via Skype (it's easy, we'll guide you step by step), fill in a questionnaire, answer interview questions. Altogether up to 120 minutes.

To participate in playtesting is needed:
1. To have a PC or laptop available with a webcam;
2. To have an iPhone 6 or newer + charger;
3. To have a Skype and AirServer installed on your PC/laptop (both are free apps/trial available), and Skype account (during all the playtest our moderator will accompany you on Skype in order to help in case of any difficulties.

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