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Typing Medical Charts - No Phones

Do you have a strong medical vocabulary and excellent written English? Can you comfortably work with the Google Suite of products? Would you like to work from home? We have a great team, and we are expanding rapidly.

Virtual medical scribes at iScribes work directly with physicians and other providers and learn about medicine by listening to and documenting patient encounters for a medical provider. 

How is it done? Our scribes listen to recorded patient visits, and are responsible for updating the electronic medical record with pertinent medical history; physical examination, assessment, and plan, findings, and procedures. They are matched with a medical provider, and they are trusted and valued by their medical team and by us. They cover the provider's three 8 hour clinic days, usually 25 to 35 medical charts per clinic day.

Virtual medical scribes benefit from flexible hours on fixed days, and the ability to work from home. We will consider candidates who work 25 hours or less elsewhere too.


• Medical Scribe or Medical Transcriptionist experience is strongly preferred
• Working knowledge of medical terminology and electronic medical records is strongly preferred.
• Must be detail-oriented and strive to constantly improve knowledge and skills.
• Must have the ability to work 8-9 hours on three fixed weekdays each week, consistently.
• Mastery of the English language with excellent verbal/written communication absolutely required.
• You must have a typing speed of 60 words per minute or higher.
• Reliable, newer computer with strong internet connection needed in a private or secure room/location
• Must be a resident of, and authorized to work in the United States. Really, you must be IN the US to be able to work in this role.
At this time we do not operate in the states of: WA, OR, CA, MA, RI, VT, HI, CO, MD, NY, AZ or CT, nor in Chicago, DC or New York City and its Boroughs.
• Pay starts at $8.50/hr and is productivity based. Training is paid, and it lasts 6-8 weeks. There is a path to management in this position for those who excel.

Apply Here:

it`s a shame this job is not available in Europe.
all the best

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