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Looking for a legit internet job

(11-16-2019 03:43 PM)Ezelia Wrote:  Hello there. First of all I'm not sure if this is the right place to create the post so excuse me. I'm currently looking for an online job. I sadly don't have any knowledge of anything like computer programming etc. I'm looking for something 'easy' that requires time to make money. Something like a survey or I don't know. I don't want something that will pay like 20 euros per survey in 10 minutes because it sounds like a 'scam' .I'm interested in something that will take time and hours to make some real money. Like work 8 hours for example and make 40 euros or something like that. Does anyone have any suggestions? Like an 'easy' task that doesn't require certain skills and of course a legit website that pays ? Thank you very much for your time and have a good night.
Hi Elzelia, If your are serious about an online job where you earn a steady income while you learn and you can do it from home or anywhere there's a Wi Fi connection with your phone, laptop or tablet. All the needed training and support is available to you daily. You can message me and I would me more than happy to show you the job offer. People are signing up daily.

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