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Hello I am Scott Mele, 

I am was a car salesman, I spent 17 years building up who and what i wanted to be. Successful failure was not an option.  I know, typical car salesman.  I was a douchebag.  Then, I got hit in a bad car accident at 70mph.  11 staples and an untreated concussion later, I woke up a different person.  All my wants, needs, passions had changed over night.  I remember looking around my apartment, which was 1 block from Downtowns Night Life.....but I digress.   What I saw was a life that I didn't want.  I remember everything, just didn't agree with any of it.   I stayed in the car business and felt trapt.   Lost, confused, and no idea what I was doing with my life i had so much anxiety.  It pushed me to want to express myself.

I was at Michael's' one day and saw some art supplies.  I bought $400 worth of art supplies and started painting.  Before the wreck I couldn't draw anything nor could i paint.. I started painting portraits, Cityscapes, I even picked up spray painting and painted a 50ft tall Mural.
It was a  gift.  It healed me little by little.  

So why does any of this matter,  the last three years have been miserable. I had to move away from my apartment that was giving me all my commissions to paint.  I have had to make a decision to find another means of income.   I have found somethings I will share but I am here to find new things that might be better.  I also have dealt with Depression, Chronic back pain, Anxiety, Joint Pain, Fatigue, I even was passing out every 4 hours at one point...  I have Ideas and ways of dealing with those if any of you have been through the same or experiencing the same kinds of illnesses. 

Anyways thank you for having me.  That's a short short version of my journey.  if you want to know more feel free to ask.
Scott Mele
this is my insta if you want to see my art sometimes it helps to see something versus read it. you dont need an account to see it.

[Image: mural-in-goldsboro-nc.jpg]

[Image: 21740881-1910675309206586-8254297727102369729-o.jpg]

[Image: IMG-1006.jpg]

Hi to all, guys Smile

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