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Internet Research Specialist Needed

The platform provides ongoing projects & tasks to people around the world.

It doesn’t matter if you already have a job, a major project or if you just want a part-time, occasional assignment - this is a great opportunity to earn something extra. 
All you need is: solid internet connection, a computer with working webcam/mic, excellent English and the willingness to commit to honest work.

Our dedicated customers constantly bombard us with "micro-tasks" they need to be executed. Things such as: image tagging, interpreting texts, etc. 
These tasks are easy and quick to perform (about 30 seconds, each). 
We measure execution times very accurately (by the second) and you’ll get paid, based on the accumulated amount of time you spent submitting tasks. 
Currently, we are looking for people to work on Linkedin tasks. Searching for appropriate LinkedIn pages. If you do good in this project, you will have the chance to join the team on all the random tasks we get daily.

So how does this actually work? 
You’ll use your own computer to do the work and you must also have a functional webcam & mic. 
New tasks will constantly pop up on your screen, and you can click on it to retrieve them and sign up for completion. 
Each task contains the instructions and all the information you need in order to execute it. 
Once you're done, just click on submit, and you can move on to the next one.
When you want to pause working, very easy! Just don't pick another task.  

Behind the scene, while you are crunching tasks, we sample a portion of your work and grade it.

read a little bit about the company

current tasks, and follow procedure if you would like to apply
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