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Hello! my name is rachel :)

Hi guys!

I just quit my job as a real estate agent(after 8 years) and I am making a living online! So happy that I found this opportunity since I had been looking for one like it for years. I have met other people in Vancouver, BC(where I live) who are doing the same thing!
It's awesome and I'm going across Canada soon while I run my online business remotely!

Happy Tuesday!


Rachel Heart
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I was pleased to meet you I am Bilal from Tunisia and a new subscriber with you in a remote work but I did not support the nature of work and how to work, please help me and I am happy to know you
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(06-16-2019 10:58 AM)TarajiStore Wrote:  مرحبًا ،
لقد سررت بمقابلتك أنا بلال من تونس ومشترك جديد معك في عمل عن بُعد ، لكنني لم أؤيد طبيعة العمل وكيفية العمل ، الرجاء مساعدتي ويسرني أن أعرفك
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