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Have you struggled adapting to working from home?

Hi everyone, excited to join this forum.

While transitioning to working remotely or from home, did you struggle to adapt to the new routine?

What was your biggest challenge when adapting?

I am asking these questions because I personally had to adapt to working from home, and it was a challenge in the first few months.

I used to work until 7AM on my business and then go to sleep. That habit lasted over a year until I finally changed and saw a serious improvement in productivity.

So have you had any challenges adapting to the remote work/ work from home lifestyle?

Hey i have worked from home for a while. like for close to a year. Prior to that, I had held a position day time job for 5 years.
My biggest challenge was internal motivation but with some strict methods and a space dedicated only to work, i have been able to somewhat mitigate through it.

gooood and interesting

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