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Have you struggled adapting to working from home?

Hi everyone, excited to join this forum.

While transitioning to working remotely or from home, did you struggle to adapt to the new routine?

What was your biggest challenge when adapting?

I am asking these questions because I personally had to adapt to working from home, and it was a challenge in the first few months.

I used to work until 7AM on my business and then go to sleep. That habit lasted over a year until I finally changed and saw a serious improvement in productivity.

So have you had any challenges adapting to the remote work/ work from home lifestyle?

Hey i have worked from home for a while. like for close to a year. Prior to that, I had held a position day time job for 5 years.
My biggest challenge was internal motivation but with some strict methods and a space dedicated only to work, i have been able to somewhat mitigate through it.

gooood and interesting

(01-27-2020 10:54 AM)Гвидо Wrote:  Привет всем, возбуждаться присоединиться к этому форуму.

При переходе на работу удаленно или из дома, вы пытались адаптироваться к новой рутине?

Какова была ваша самая большая проблема при адаптации?

Я задаю эти вопросы, потому что мне лично пришлось адаптироваться к работе из дома, и это было проблемой в первые несколько месяцев.

Я работал до 7 утра по своему делу, а потом ложился спать. Эта привычка длилась более года, пока я наконец не изменился и не увидел серьезного улучшения производительности.

Так были ли у вас какие-либо проблемы с адаптацией к удаленной работе / работе из дома?
я тоже очень рад

if you want to find a quarantine job or e-business then you've gone to the right forum

I have freelanced for quite a while and hence had joined this forum even before the lockdown became completely enforced. One jobe that I did away from my home was of a tutor to especially homeschooled kids. Now i am forced to do that from home also. I have been creating engaging manners and modules to teach kids mathematics and psychology. Inspired by these conic sections explainers i have been creating my own to pull students in so that they aren't bored or demotivated.

I try and complete the same routine i would at work like setting schedules etc, its really help me get more done.

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