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Greetings everyone


My name is Adrian, 23 years of age and I come from Croatia, south east Europe. For some time now I have been interested in work from home opportunities, not so much because of flexible work hours, but more because of the fact that i move often and having a regular day job is impossible, and i am getting tired of constantly switching jobs over and over again.
So I would not mind even having fixed working hours if it meant working from home.

Now, this is not to say that i am planning to quit my day jobs but perhaps i would like to try to replace at least a part of my income working from a computer, because one thing I always have at disposal is a PC and internet connection.

The problem is that i have no formal education in the IT department. I have finished high school but have dropped out of mechanical engineering college. I have some very modest knowledge of C++ and Arduino programming and a bit of video editing experience (i used to run a youtube channel back in the day, although unsuccessfull one). I also have a more moderate experience working in SolidWorks (3d modelling) and a bit more modest experience working in AutoCAD  i took those classes back in college,

There are lots of relevant classes i can take :
- web designer
- programming (C# &, front end, back end, php, android app development)
- graphics design
- photo editing
- online marketing specialist
- CAD specialist (computer aided design)

Those classes last from 160-260h and range from $1000-2000

May sound cheap but it is not considering financial circumstances in my home country. However I can afford those classes (i wouldnt take all of them of course, but i would like to take the one that would guide me in the right direction, ie. i want to take one that would make me a competitive person in an online jobs marketplace).

So my question is, would it be worth it to take a class? I always hear a lot of negativity about online jobs, how they are moetly scams, dont bother etc. It is pretty narrow-minded conservative community around here where i live so i am not sure.

I guess one of the first responses will be "well, what are your interests, pick a class suiting your own interests".

Yes, that is a valid point however i am not very in the know about online jobs marketplace and what is wanted so I would rather perhaps pick something that will enable me to enter the field within online jobs marketplace where i would be able to further expand my future expertise and generate some income.

So there you go, a bit about me and my situation. Any advice  or critique from those who have more experience than me (i guess pretty much everybody on this board) is welcome. As I said, this is a new area for me and I would like to get some guidance to start heading in the right direction.

Have a nice day,

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