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Get paid to search - let's boot google & co.

Presearch is a decentralized search engine, powered by the community.

You will earn 0.25 PRE token for each search you process (a maximum of 32 searches daily is getting paid) which results in 8 PRE. As for today's exchange rate that equals 0.88$. Effort: 3 - 5 minutes 'work'. (Check for PRE)

As a special bonus your account starts with 25 PRE (= 2.76$) already and you can immediately raise up with your 8 PRE (earned by searches) to a total of 33 PRE the very first day.

Referral program: 25 PRE per referral

[Image: ban-4.jpg]

I don't know about this. I tried two similar search engines that claimed to pay money for searching but it didn't turn out to be the case. One of them paid in cents which was nothing compared to the effort i put it.

will definitely try it. I want to know how much i can make out of it

(11-19-2018 01:54 PM)AshishKumar Wrote:  will definitely try it. I want to know how much i can make out of it

Presearch definitely pays , really easy to use browser , I use it every single  day, Join Now and  start earning at least  USD$10 per day.

hernan.hunt, I've been using it for two weeks, or three... and it's not so useful I gotta say.

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