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Get Paid To Share The Links On Internet

Wolfpoints have partnered up with thousands of advertisers, these advertisers will reward you for your time and engagement.
Earn Points by taking part in surveys, downloading apps, joining sponsored giveaways, trying out products and more. Exchange your WolfPoints with Cash & gift cards.

Why should I choose Wolfpoints over other reward sites?

Because we pay you MORE than other reward sites. Because we offer you flexible cash out options including cash via PayPal, virtual credit cards plus a variety of gift cards to choose from. Besides, our offers are simple, organized and easy to complete. Not to mention adding more earning opportunities for our users daily so they can keep on earning every single day and NEVER run out of offers. But the biggest reason is, we respect our users and always pay them on time.

How much are Wolfpoints worth?

One WolfPoints is worth $0.01 which means a 100 wolfpoints is worth $1

What is the minimum cash out amount?

You can cash out your points via PayPal when your account reaches 100 Points which are equal to $1 dollars. Redeeming your points in gift cards depends on gift card value.

How much can I earn when I refer someone?

You will earn a 10% commission for life. And when that user refer someone, you will also earn yet another 5% commission. We have users who make a full time income just from referring users. These users understand that a pack of wolves is much better than a lone wolf, so they help others and enjoy the rewards.

What is my earning potential?

Your earning potential depends on many factors, such as your country, your device, and preferred offers. We have users that earn thousands of dollars in cash and rewards every month while we also have users that only earn pocket money. As a general rule of thumb, the more offers you complete, the more you earn. Don’t forget the referral system, we have users who earn a fulltime income just from referring users to wolfpoints. Best earning strategy is doing offers and referring users, at this point your earning potential will be virtually limitless.

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Nice post. I will consider joining.

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