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Freelance training. How to make money at home?

Hello! I work as a freelancer. And decided to look at the forum ways to earn others. But I was taken aback just people ask about ways to earn money and demand that everything is free. Show me a free earning scheme that works flawlessly. There are none, since I have been interested in this for more than 5 years. And considered a variety of ways. I can say with 100% confidence that no scheme that got free of charge worked or required investments at the end of the scheme. That's why I learned to freelance using this link . Don't believe it and just pass it by. Meanwhile, I will earn money. There is no idle chatter. A real way to start working from home, and get good money. If you are sparing money for self-development, then do not even try. You can't do it. If you don't invest in your knowledge, then you are investing your money in your self-destruction!

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