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Ed Tech Remote Job That Pays Well
Studypool is a online marketplace where students can connect with tutors who can help them with their studies. For example, a student has a question they need answered. Or they need help studying for a test coming up the next day, the student can post his post his question. Students get help with homework assignments, understanding concepts, or writing a paper. It’s your all-in-one spot to get help with studies.

Studypool helps thousands of students and tutors find each other. What’s great about it for a tutor is the ability to freelance with a flexible schedule. You get to choose when to work and where you work from.

The commission at Studypool is one of the lower rates among tutoring platforms. The range is 20%-30%. Which means tutors earn more that at some other tutoring marketplaces. You make money from helping students who accept your bids. As with all freelance work, you make money at home tutoring based on the amount of work you put into it. Some of Studypool highest earning tutors have exceeded 100k a year in earnings, but the amount you earn is up to how much you work at it.
[+] 1 user says Thank You to cartercalistri for this post
I just went to this website and they're legit! Thanks for the recommendation carter, Im an English Major looking for some extra cash this will be very helpful.
Awesome to see this here! I used Studypool back in college and it worked wonders for me. And now I've graduated and looking for work from home they're an option for me. Rad!

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