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Best Home Based Opportunity I've found

Hi Guys,

I have been searching for a valid home based position for 4-5 years ever since leaving university where I studied Economics. I delved in affiliate marketing, fulfilment by Amazon, and learnt how to trade the forex and stock markets. I also invest a lot in crypto and got caught by the pyramid ponzi company called bitconnect that famously ran off with investors money a few years ago now. Luckily for me I didn't put all my eggs in that one basket.

I am well researched in the current economy and corporate/legal/monetary complex. This research led me to knowledge of legalise and the tricks used since our birth to keep us dumbed down and traded quite literally as chattel via the use of the Strawman which is set up with the signing of your birth certificate that is monetised and used as security and surety for all debt in existence ever since we came off the gold standard in 1933. But no one wants to talk about that. Your birth certificate is then traded on the stock market which literally makes the bankers hundreds of millions of pounds that they never tell us. No one wants to mention that either. This requires a lot of research, all the info can be found and is 100% true. I definitely felt a deep sense of betrayal but expected as much from the government and banking system that is operating the biggest ponzi scheme in the history of all humanity with their fractional reserve lending and endless printing of promissory notes backed by nothing but our blood, sweat and tears. I recommend reading Mary Elizabeth Crofts PDF 'How I clobbered every cash confiscatory agency known to man' available as free download online. She details exactly what is truly going on right under our noses.

Needles to say, after discovering this quite damning but eye opening knowledge, I stumbled upon a very unique wealth receiving program that had been setup by Mary and a team of like minded individuals back in 2002/3. It exists as a private activity which is designed in such a way that trumps every home based earning opportunity I have come across. It exists outside of the corporate world so it is a people helping people organisation. There is no product, no selling, no explaining and no chasing people. All you have to do is simply make a call and direct people to an information call that explains exactly how people are earning £500+ a day.

Whats more, all the money you receive goes 100% to you and is 100% tax free due to the exchange of money within the program between people being a gift, a pledge from which a gift declaration is signed for by every member who joins this amazing activity. When I started to learn about this system ,my pre-programmed alarm bells went off i.e. the word pyramid or ponzi or scam circulating around my mind. Programming runs deep in people, I have witnessed it, and they deny a good opportunity due to preconditioned beliefs which is very limiting and damaging to any individual. I discerned for myself, followed the simple instructions, listened to the information and could not believe how genius a system this was, and how far away from a pyramid or ponzi it was too.

It is my intention to share this wonderful gift giving activity to as many open minded people as possible, as this is a true and time tested method of generating substantial life changing wealth for anyone who aligns with the universal law of giving in order to receive. 18 years this activity has been running for, and has made thousands of people leave their job and become financially free by simply connecting and directing people to information. 

I know I am new here, but please, if admin allows me to share, head over to a simple info page that I have personally created where you can listen to a recorded workshop call that explains exactly how this genius system works. It lasts only 30 minutes where you can discern for yourself. It started in America and is now worldwide, I am speaking to people all over the planet and inviting them on to this truly amazing system. It is a system designed to help each other escape our self imposed slavery. It truly is the golden goose that lays an infinite amount of golden eggs. 

Anyway, I wish you all much success and if you require any further information then you can contact me with the details left on the page:

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